Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cultural Production program

Course description: The course will comprise of lectures introducing basic modern and contemporary theories about production of culture and the connections of cultural production to economical and social structures. The aim of the course is to provide the students with an understanding of the role of culture in a broader perspective, and help them to place themselves and their work in contemporary world.

Teaching mode: Lectures, discussions, group tasks and essays. Students will be assigned reading from a list of literature provided by the teacher. 

Assessment criteria: presence at the lectures min. 80%, group exercises and final essay. - tho I'm thinking instead of an essay we will do a group essay during the last meeting.

NOTE: Revised schedule:
Thu  24.9. 12 - 14 Introduction and basic notes on Frankfurt School
Wed 30.9  10 - 12 Debord and situtationists
Thu  8.10  12 - 14 Jussi Vähämäki: Information capitalism (Negri, Virno, Marazzi etc.)
Thu  5.11  12 - 14 Michel De Certeau
Thu 12.11            Max Ryynänen: Adorno and his philosophy of music
Thu 19.11            Max Ryynänen: Walter Benjamin on artwork and modern experience
Thu  3.12  12 - 14 Last meeting: group discussions and exercises

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